January 5, 2006

Joss Whedon Predicts the Future

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon pens a column for TV Guide where he predicts the future of television. Best lines:

"...the constant slew of cable mergers will result in the creation of CinePax, a channel that's just very confused about its morals. ...

"And what of me? My short-lived series Firefly was the basis for the epic action film Serenity (now available on DVD! I have little or no shame), and the future will see even more incarnations of this visionary work, as it returns to TV as Serenity: The Firefly Years, then back to film as Firefly: Serenity's Sequel, back to TV as SereniFly, and finally end as the direct-to-eyeglasses series Choose a Damn Name Already. I promise it'll be as heartwarming and exciting as the original Serenity, now available on DVD. (Explain again this thing you call shame....)"

If only he wouldn't jest about the future of Serenifly. You can't toy with my emotions like that! There's also an interview with Whedon in the Toronto Sun where he says lots of lovely things about the Fox TV executives. Kind of like an episode of the Simpsons.

Posted by kevin at January 5, 2006 8:43 PM

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